DR. Daniell Fishman

DR. Daniell Fishman PhD, treats Orthopedic problems and pain, combines different technics and therapy methods with innovative medical equipment for back, neck, knees, ankles and shoulders , etc. The medical equipment also helps disc herniation, the healing process from surgery, and rehabilitation. 

The integrative treatment and the prevention of deficiency in the Neuromuscularskelatol system (nerves, muscles, bones) covers all physiological factors, as well as the Neurological. All in purpose to reduce pain and achieve healing. 

The patient goes through a series of treatments that combine manual technics and medical
 equipment, such as: 
Computerised Stretching device for herniated discs, Laser, Electromagnetic Static field, Infrared, Electric stimulation and Taping for sport injuries, Electro therapy, Ultrasound, Intramuscular and Electro-Acupuncture, and Biofeedback.

*Discounts and rebates from insurance companies are subjected to the terms of the policy.